5 weapon facts of WAM Flowers:

1. Quality of the products
This is one of the most important things and we know it because our clients confirm this often.

2. Personal contact with our clients
Our clients are no numbers but all are very important and that has nothing to do with how small or big they are. Our statement: at WAM flowers is like you buying from an old friend.

3. Long lasting relationship
Most clients are longer than 3 years dealing with us so the continuity is very good.

4. Directly contact with the growers
We know exactly what is going on with the growers and have close contact with them.

5. Always searching for new products
So when there are interesting new products for you we inform you directly. We guarantee that you have always the most up to date information on this topic.
P.O.Box 56, 1430 AB Aalsmeer
Tel.: 31-(0)297 - 345824
Fax.:31-(0)297 - 346271
E-mail: info@wam.nl